The vision we have is for a new facility (we have named it "West End Curling Centre", a not-for-profit corporation). Preferably, it will be a public, city-owned structure operated by an indepedent curling group. Ideally, it would be associated with another sports facility but possibly stand alone.

We prefer a multi-sport and multi-activity design in the building that would allow other sports and activities at the same time as curling during the curling season (September to April). These other activities would rent the lounge, dining/entertainment area, activity space or meeting rooms of the facility for activities such as fitness, meetings, receptions, card playing, parties, board-game leagues and more. With appropriate design considerations to the building, the possibility of other sports happening alongside curling is feasible.

The facility would be open during the non-curling season (May-August) with many possible activities such as pickleball (number two rising sport in popularity in Etobicoke), summer camps (always in big demand), lacrosse practice, gymnasium - dance, gymnastics, racket sports, basketball, Para sports (sledge hockey, sitting volleyball, etc.) table tennis, indoor soccer practice, carpet bowling/indoor lawn bowling, rock climbing, plus all the items listed in the previous paragraph and more. Even storage space is in large demand during this period.


The new facility would be designed to be fully accessible for wheelchair curlers, curlers with vision loss, and curlers with hearing loss.


Curling is for everyone and it is for life. Curling is inclusive and diverse. These are principals we will enshrine in our new curling facility. We will make sure that if someone wants to curl, we will help them curl. We know that curling includes:

All ages (7-97+), all genders including LGBTQ; all cultural groups; all socio-economic groups; all ethnic groups; all levels of ability including blind, Special Olympics, wheel-chair and more; all academic levels from kindergarten to university or college; all religious affiliations; and all professional & business groups such as teachers, church groups, private companies, and more.


Curling is part of the social fabric of the community. Curlers meet, mingle, socialize, and make life-long friends in the traditions of curling. Our curling centre will become more than a place to curl, it will become a community hub.

"I have been curling nearly 30 years... it is my life in the winter. Not only is it exercise for the body but it stimulates the brain. At 90 plus, it involves me in the community and keeps me in touch with younger people...and that is very important as one ages."

- Nancy (curling member at St. Georges)

The vision we have is for a new facility that will be an important part of the community. We believe it is important to help build a healthy, vibrant, socially active community in order to achieve the many benefits that brings - both tangible (e.g. saving health care costs) and intangible (e.g. developing spirit and a sense of belonging).


The location of the new facility is important. It must be accessible to all members of the community, not just those with a car. Working on our own, we have found excellent locations that we think would be good options.